Arhaeological museum of Aiane-Krokos (Saffron)-Siatista

Price 45.00


  • 10 hours (totaly 4,5 hours on the road)


The distance is 230 km and lasts about 3 hours.

After boarding to the bus we are leaving the city of Thessaloniki and we are heading west to Egnatia Odos. Our first destination is Krokos (Saffron) and we are there at 10:15 am. We visit the Kozani Co-Producer, which founded in 1971, consists of 1,000 members and has the exclusive permission to collect, package and distribute Saffron. Saffron is the gold of Greek mainland, is one of the most popular and precious spices of ancient cultures, for its aroma, color, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties. Krokos or saffron, as it is commonly said, belongs to the best saffron quality in the world

After about one hour and a route of 25 minutes we are heading to The Archaeological Museum of Aiani which presents the history of ancient Aiani, capital of Elimiotis, one of the most important kingdoms of Upper Macedonia, and its region from prehistory to Roman times. The museum’s collections include important finds of the Late Bronze Age (fifteenth-twelfth centuries BC) and the of the Archaic and Classical periods (sixth-fifth centuries BC), which illustrate the formation of the Doric-Macedonian peoples in the region and the urban and political development of Aiane, which begins in the sixth century BC.

We depart at 13:15 pm for the city of Siatista. After 45 minutes we will be in Siatista which built on the slope of Askyos (Siniatsikou), over the valley of Aliakmonas – 920m altitude. It has two picturesque districts, Hora (Ano Siatista) and Gerania (Kato Siatista). Siatista preserves to a large extent its traditional color. Siatista was founded after the occupation of Macedonia by the Turks (15th century) and developed into a major urban center. The processing of leather ,fur and wine growing, the development of dyeing and weaving brought Siatista to this position. Siatista met economic and spiritual prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries. Furswine and raki of Siatista gained a great reputation at that time in cities such as Venice, Vienna, Leipzig, Moscow and Budapest. Today if someone visit Siatista he will see this development on churches, schools and great mansions of the city that are preserved to this day.

Later we have a Greek traditional lunch in city of Siatista.

After our lunch, begin our return trip and about 18:00 we will be back to Thessaloniki and in our starting points.

The Departure could be done from the point you choose.

Price of the excursion (280.00€ / 8 persons) includes:

    • Transfer to and from Siatista
    • English speaking excursion attendant
    • Entrance ticket to the Archaeological Museum of Aiani

Not included:

  • The cost of the lunch at the restaurant.