4*4 Jeep Safari in Mountain Grammos

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We leave the city of Thessaloniki and we are heading to Nestorio village.

From there, the Jeep 4 * 4 takes us to the unknown beauty of lush green streets in the "lost" nature in Mount Grammos.

We are heading to the highest mountain peak of the Grammos mountain range, where the alternating vegetation of beech, pine and fir leads us to the alpine landscape and the springs of the Aliakmon River, in the Grammosta village.

Downhill, we are heading southwest to the Arrennes lakes, too, a remarkable place that can not be described in words.

In the lakes - dragonflies located at about 1,500m altitude, we see thirdtones, ancient fish, rare mountain tea, Males tea as well as bulbs of the orchid, commonly known as Salepi, which is extremely difficult to locate.

At Arrenes we make a small stop and we take a simple-traditional meal.

After we capture the moments we head to the National Reconciliation Park where we can see historical photophy from the rich history of the region.

Then we return to Nestorio and we return back to Thessaloniki.

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